I Got A Year Older

And I got this tee shirt from my boyfriend.

SMILE you guys..SMILE

PS this was basically my male ideal at age 15. Aesthetically, he is still sort of crotch-throbbish to me but the feyness now makes my vagina cry a little.

I wrote vagina in a blog yall, I'M REALLY BACK!

xoxo for lyfe


laia. said...


Sharon said...

ohhh my god i would KILL for that t-shirt!!!

ps - billy had a great sweater collection circa 1992

Anonymous said...

omg es..

i'm pleased as peaches to see you are back.. as an accidental.. occasional blogger.. yours is the ONLY one i look for daily..

i died a little when you went on sabbatical.. so.. the delight at seeing your bangs and fur and lips and jewels and neon back in the world wide whatevs of blogging has been THE greatest rediscovery..

tweets just ain't the same..

welcome home lady..

love and rockets..

canvas wall art said...

Oh nice, hope you had a great birthday!

Saad said...

The pleasure at seeing your hits and fur and mouth and jewelry and fluorescent returning in the globally whatever of running a blog has been THE biggest rediscovery..

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