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Getting Into The Spirit


Which is weird, because I swear it was just labor day like 5 seconds ago. I hate the fact that the cliche of time fucking whizzes past your face as you get OLD is SO SO TRUE.

Because you know what, it IS true.

SO anyway. Here we are: December!?!?!

I put up a tree! It's PINK! Don't be alarmed, it's not real.

I've never had a fake tree before. But real ones cost a million fucking dollars in my hood and I've allllllways wanted a pink tree.

So this summer I found on eon ebay and high-fived my future self who would be slash is so happy to have it now.

I have a vintage glass topper and ornaments.
I need more..I am really freaking out because a box with all the ornaments I have pilfered from my mom and my faves from past years is missing.
In a New York apartment!
There is only so many place one can put things.
SO you can understand my consternation and serious upsettedness about this.

There is a menagerie of striped lamé animals that my mom bought in the 70s that are my faves and I am sick that I cant find them

I have one, because I keep him out year round:


Pretty kewl, right?
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